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Welcome to the ColorOf API

That’s right you are in the html view of the API right now. This site is the API but also live documentation of how it works. In ColorOf there are assets called, swatches, palettes and groups. They all have html views to help you code, but more importantly json views for you to code against.

Sample HTML output

No results returned.

Please modify your query to include swatches/palettes or use a less specific query term.

Formatted JSON output

	"palettes": [
	"swatches": [
	"master_length": 0,
	"palette_length": 0,
	"swatch_length": 0,
	"dym": null,
	"hex": "e29f11",
	"query": "Flower",
	"accuracy": "10",
	"search_by": "swatch",
	"user_id": "3",
	"palette_type": null,
	"cname": null,
	"min_price": null,
	"max_price": null,
	"length": 25,
	"offset": 0,
	"session_username": -1,
	"session_display_name": -1,
	"session_user_id": -1,
	"session_role": -1