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eoere Combination Lock Medicine Cabinet With Separate Compartments ,Locking Prescription Pill Case Storage Box, Size 11 x 7.4 x 6.2 inches (Blue)


Medicine Cabinets, homegarden, eoere, home, Bathroom Furniture, Furniture
With Combination lock that is easy to use and changeable; Safer with the meds locked up and out of sight from the kids. Tips: Slide down the combination Size 11" L x 7.4'' W x 6.2"H , Enough Space can hold approximately 20-24 prescription bottles.(mini bottles) Compartment Design is nice for storing different sized Pills or Medication.?maximum bottle height of Vertical?5.1"?Upgrade-Quality ABS material,Very lightweight but Durable Great for general storage of Medication,valuables and personal items; It can carry outdoor as a aid kit for family, business, or sports team Note: please remember your passwords; please remember to lock the box after you use it as the latch is not designed to latch the box; do not use it as a steel safe for it is not a safety deposit box
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  • Color: #a0d4f4
  • Percentage: 33.8%
  • Closest ColorOf Name: cyan
  • Color: #9ccff1
  • Percentage: 22.0%
  • Closest ColorOf Name: cyan
  • Color: #a9d7f6
  • Percentage: 17.1%
  • Closest ColorOf Name: cyan
  • Color: #d7d7d7
  • Percentage: 16.1%
  • Closest ColorOf Name: gray

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